What is Nutrition Therapy?  

Our bodies are made up of different organs system (cardiovascular, nervous system ect..) Each system work optimally within a specific environment.  Whenever, that environment is out of balance the system becomes dysfunctional. In addition because all organ systems work in synergy when one of the  system becomes dysfunctional, all other systems are affected. 
 Thus, nutrition therapy is the art of bringing the organ systems back to balance via delicious nutrition dense cuisine. 
Nutrition however is only one aspect of therapy, behavioral habits must be changed in order for success. Wilize utilizes her background in behavioral neuroscience  to provide you with the necessary tools to jump start you healthy lifestyle. 


Our Services 

Nutrition Consultation + 21 days Custom meal plan  ($120)

Package includes

  • One-on-one 1 hour, phone consultation with Wilize Maleombho  
  • personal 21 day meal plan that caters to your needs (includes  meal plan calendar, recipes, basic understanding of nutrition and  anatomy and physiology of the digestive system)

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Healing Webinar, workshops & Retreats (price may vary)


  • Basic understanding of nutrition
  • Analysis of certain foods and their therapeutic properties
  • Healing circles and experience in foreign land 
  • Practices to bring your peace 

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Nutrition Consultation + Custom meal plan 

The Soulful Nutrition's 21-day meal plan includes a one-hour consultation with nutrition therapist  Wilize Maleombho and , a  21-day meal plan that caters to your needs. You will understand thebasics of nutrition, as well as how your  digestive system work and its importance to your health. 

During your one hour consultation,you will have the opportunity to discuss your personal goals, history with food and concerns. Given the information, you provided Wilize will then design a custom a diet plan that caters to your needs. Moreover  shortly after your purchase Wilize will contact you via the email you provided upon purchase to discuss  the best time to schedule your appointment. 

 Download information
After you complete the payment an initial email will be sent to you  to schedule your one-on-one phone appointment. Five business days after the one-on-one phone conversation  a follow up email  will be sent with your  custom meal plan.  

Please allow5 business day after your phone consultation, for your custom meal plan.


Nutrition workshops  & Webinar ($25)

Want to get healthy but don't know how? looking for a way to create a balanced diet that caters to you personal needs? then sign up for our nutrition classes and workshops, here you will learn different ways to take care of your mind, body and soul. We will give you a basic understanding of nutrition, we will address  each organ system and  ways to keep them healthy,  as well as we will discuss various foods and their therapeutic effect on the body. 
To look for a class  or workshop near you click here  as well as subscribe to our site below  to get  notify about workshops near you, or upcoming webinars.  


Healing Retreats (price varies)

Discover the world with a Healing eye. In our retreats you will learn the various spiritual practices of the land you are visiting as well as how its people maintain their peace. You will learn the benefits of various foods within that land as well as  their therapeutic  properties. Each year we will choose a different land to explore. To learn more and stay up to date with our retreats subscribe to the site with the link below and click here to see our next upcoming retreat.