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 30 min call for $47

In this call I am going to teach you how to change your relationship with food forever. Wither you landed upon this page because of a  physical condition that has been bothering you for some time, or because simply wish to loose weight. This call will empower you to  change the way you relate to food forever. 

I know how it feels to try every single diet and still have no success, or to step on the scale and observe all of your efforts go to waste. I use to be way too familiar with the feeling of  shame and the guilt  that came with overeating: why did I  just finished the entire box of chocolate chips when I promised myself  I would do better? Why counldn't I gather the strength to control myself around food? this where common guilty thoughts that roamed my mind because when it came to my diet I felt like a failure. Unfortunately for us, life doesn't come with an instruction manual. Learning the art of self-care wither it be for emotional or physical wellness  is a journey that requires, patience and time. I know this far too well because I was once in your shoes. 

I created this call for the various clients, family and friends who asked for my help, not because they didn't understand the benefits of eating a healthy diet, but rather because they no longer wanted to feel powerless when it came to food. This 30 minute call is design to STRENGTHEN YOUR WILL POWER. This call will equipped  you with the tools  you need to GAIN CONTROL OVER YOUR CRAVINGS , ALIGN YOUR BEHAVIORS WITH YOUR GOALS,  IMPROVE YOUR CURRENT DIET and OBTAIN THE TOOLS TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH. You will feel empowered to know that you are  always in control. 

Call includes 

  1. Client's Personal nutrition assessment
  2. Recommended nutrition therapy  
  3. Behavior modification Tools 
  4. Customize steps, to implement your tools to your lifestyle
  5. Notes and recording of consultation  

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Wilizé taught me how to view food differently. After our initial  30 minute consultation she started me on her #21waystoheal cleanse which provided endless plant based recipes that myself and my meat eating husband enjoyed. 

Prior to her cleanse I used to experience chronic stomach cramps every morning. However, during her cleanse i no longer experienced these symptoms, I felt more energized and less  bloated. In addition, I was able to loose a few stubborn pounds. I plan to continue eating more fruits and vegetables after the #21waystoheal cleanse and implement the tools she shared with me on altering my eating habits for the rest of my life. I’m glad Wilizé was able to help me jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle. I’m already recommending friends and family to the #21waystoheal cleanse and can’t thank her  enough.

-Ashlee Rene
Screen writer