Awura by Wilize 

Our Mission

Awura is the twi word for lady, it represents a woman who is elegant, graceful and poise.
We believe every women is an Awura. 
We provide a platform for black women to empower, heal and express themselves by allowing them to redefine who they are. 


At our FREE sisters Healing circles we offer a space of women of color to share their experiences free from judgement. Each circle has a topic that revolves around the theme of self- love

2.Women of color
Healing retreat

Get the most out of our women healing retreats were we explore the various ancestral feminine knowledge. Check our retreat page out for our next upcoming retreat.


recap of our Awura

sisters healing circles



June 2017 Healing circle
Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Park, Los Angeles, California

Topic: The Power Of Vulnerability

We explored the beauty that relies within truly being ourselves. In a society that views vulnerability as a weakness we redefined it as being a  strength. We shared  stories in which vulnerability allowed us to be powerful. We discuss shamed and how overcoming shame is the only true way to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. 


November 2016 Healing  Circle
Kenneth Hahn  State Recreation Park, Los Angeles, California. 


 Topic: Protecting your peace 

Along with society  we sometimes can create our own cages by portraying distorted images of ourselves. In this sisters healing we discussed how  we could potentially protect our peace by  allowing our mind to be as fluid as water, to understand that perfection does not exist and that there are no such thing as a standard you came into this world perfect and will return to this world perfect, but with a better understanding of what it is that you were searching for in this earthly realm. We are the messenger the proof that no matter what the circumstances this society brings, love can exist, that is peace. 



Spetember 2016 Healing Circle
Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Park, Los Angeles, California. 

 Topic: What is healing?

Healing is the act of bringing the pieces back to the whole. It is the act of harmonizing our mind, our body and our soul, in order to create the life that we wish to manifest. In this sisters healing circle we were able to share with each other the different ways in which we bring  healing into our lives. We cried, we laugh, we vibe, everything about today was beautiful.