The only healing experience to Africa for Women Of Color
Awura’s Back To Our Roots Retreats (#BTOR)
are intimate journeys into the wisdom of our ancestral African c
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In Collaboration with Visiter L’Afrique
DATES: Saturday JAN 4TH -Monday JAN 13TH 2020
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Our Story

What would it feel like to walk on the same ground as your ancestors? to be surrounded by people who look like you? think like you? understand you? To be immerse in real culture and native traditions? We get it, and get you, because we are you! 
Our  Jan 2020  #BTOR  healing retreat  in beautiful Benin (West Africa) is a retreat that was created for people of the african diaspora who are interested in learning more about their roots. You will be traveling with a group of like minded individuals who just like you want to learn more about west African culture and  history. Moreover, we will dwell deeper into the ancestral traditional healing and spiritual practices of Benin. 

What to Expect 

You will feel  EMPOWERED to know the truth of both who you are, and your history. You will feel GROUNDED and at PEACE by RECONNECTING WITH THE SPIRIT OF YOUR ANCESTOR.

During the retreat: 
1. We will explore the beauty and sacredness of Benin, West Africa. 
2. We will explore and undo the myths surrounding our ancestral African spiritual practices
3. We will release the pain that our ancestors endured during slavery and colonization through various healing rituals. 
4. We will learn to create balance and peace in our own lives, through the wisdom of our ancestors.

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Check out our amazing packages

Check out our amazing packages

Learn more about the beautiful country of Benin

Learn more about the beautiful country of Benin

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However, due to the intimate size of this group trip, preparation, and vendor contract, there will be NO REFUNDS issued by neither Awura nor Wilizé LLC for the Back to our roots 2020 Benin retreat. However, we encourage you to purchase a trip cancellation coverage through a travel insurance agency (usually at a very acceptable price) which ables you to forgo the unnecessary worries around what happens if an emergency occurs and you can’t make your trip.
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