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International & Wellness speaker

 Wilize Maleombho is an international motivational  and wellness speaker  who has spoken with over 13,000 girls and women around the globe on the subject of women empowerment, female holistic health and behavioral wellness . In addition, Wilize has sucessfully  hosted various Women empowerment healing workshops throughout the Los Angeles area, Abidjan West Africa area, Kenya East Africa area, London United kingdoms area and more.

Wilize's clientelle range from non-profit organizations such as Social justice of South by South west AX texas, to  political organizations such as the U.S Embassy in Ivory coast and the Ivoirien Embasy in Rome, Italy. Wilize  has also spoken at several universities like UCLA Los Angeles California and Northeastern University, Boston MA. 

If you are looking for a inspirational or wellness speaker to motivate your staff, your students  or your clients in order for them to achieve a sense of  worth and perform every day task to their best of their ability then  Book me Now!

Rate start at $200+ per hour

What you will experience  

  1. Motivational speech, with a touch of poetry
  2. A Safe space to Release negative énergies
  3. A safe space to cultivate self-love and Healing
  4. A safe space to  balance and center yourself
  5. Self-confidence
  6. Self-love
  7. Self-worth