Looking to make peace with your body? I can help



If you landed on  this page, then optimal health  may sound distant and impossible to you right now. Trust me I know the feeling, there was a time in my life when I was beating myself  almost every night because I couldn't be discipline enough to follow the lifestyle I wanted to live. I was desperate to feel good and energize, but thought I was a lost case.

That was a lie, not only did I change my eating habits forever, I changed who I was inside and out! I didn't only change what I ate, I change my relationship with food forever! How did I do it? See, the problem with  our society is that we love instant gratification! you'll hear "buy this and get these results in 3 days",  or "remove this and look like the super model on the magazine". Companies manipulated the masses into patching the problem instead of fixing it for good.  You may loose the weigh but it will always come back a few month after in full effect, why? let's be real, REAL PERMANENT CHANGE DOES NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT, permanent change is birth from  patience and commitment. Changing your behavior requires that you get rid of the habits that got you were you are today in the first place. This is how I  help you! As a certified behavior neuroscientist and a nutrition therapist I guide you into not only eating delicious healthy foods, but also CHANGING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH  FOOD FOREVER, to help you follow the  lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

I Specialize in 

  1. Behavior modification towards food
  2. Healthy weight loss or weight gain 
  3. Balance of the female endocrine system (your hormones)
  4. Clearing of hormonal acne 
  5. Balance of the female reproductive system (PCOS, fertility, fibrois)
  6. Cleanse + detoxes 

 Food can be used as medicine and combined with adequate allopathic measure can become a crucial aspect in prevention and healing.



MY services 


If you no longer want to feel powerless in the presence of food, but rather stay in control of your cravings then this is for you.  


  • Initial nutrition therapy consultation 
  • Personal assessment 
  • Scientifically proven behavior modification tools    
  • customize ways to implement these tools into your life 


nutrition therapy 

Here you will find the different plans to help improve your eating habits and  get back to optimal health. Start with our initial consultation


  • Personalize meal plan 
  • Cleanse menu guide
  • Basic understanding of nutrition 
  • Basic understanding of foods & their healing properties
  • Basic understanding of  human anatomy and physiology 



Perfect for someone who yearns to have delicious gourmet therapeutic plant-based meals from the comfort of their home.


  • initial nutrition therapy  consultation 
  • personalize menu plan 
  • Ideal to help resolve conditions and symptoms 
  • **Limited space available** priority is given to those suffering from a physiological condition

Additional Testimonials


In a world where most of us  are so consumed with survival, we are all in need of a reminder that someone truly cares for our healing and growth, Wilizé is that person. Although, I  knew the work I had to do to heal my mind body and souls would be tedious, she supported and motivated me throughout the process

Thank you, Wilize for continuing to share your gifts with no fear or complaints and reminding us of the great love and support there is to be experienced in life. I look forward to more sessions. You are appreciated Beautiful Amazing  Goddess.

- Artistic Director of Numa Ankh Collections 

Londin Williams