With  a bachelor  degree in the behavioral neurosciences  along with an orientation in nutrition; Wilize utilizes her scientific knowledge to carefully guide her clients transition into a healthier lifestyle. 

Moreover, having traveled Africa, Europe and the Middle east, Wilize has learned to  mastered the art of cooking. She was often seen in the kitchen learning the cultural skills from the local cooks. 

Wilize is also known for her poetry, performing at places such as South by South West in Texas U.S, The Chealsea theater Foyer in London U.K, the Soundtrack Los Angeles U.S,  and more. She uses her international and national platform to  promote mind provoking healing poetry.  

Combining her strong scientific background, her culinary skills and her poetry experience Wilize dedicates her life in helping others  improve their health as she believes peace in the world can be achieve through the healing of both the spiritual and physical bodies.  She is often quoted: 

"People are sick, that is why the world is sick, we are sick spiritually and physically if people could operate with a clearer mind and healthier body they would understand that there is no need for evilness in a world that was created with love."