You Are not alone in your journey trust me, we all know what struggle LOOKS AND FEELs LIKE

AWURA serves as a reminder that although life can be difficult you are not alone in your struggle. Every single women in this group knows what struggle feels like! Some of us have been sexually assaulted, others neglected by society, some broken by the people we love and the list goes on… We all know what struggle feels like; sis, and we are here to help! here is our chance to learn how to change our pain into beauty. Join our community of dope millennial women of color helping each other heal.

Our community is made of dope like minded millennial women of color from all over the world whose mission is simple: to empower and equip each other with the support and tools we need to heal. We host educational workshops, healing circles, and therapeutic retreats to Africa.  

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Healing Circles 

Our  FREE Sisters Healing Circles, are safe spaces and judgement free zones for women of color to share their experiences. In our group therapy style healing circles, the women of Awura provide each other with the support we need  to overcome the difficulties that we face in this society. Every Sisters Healing Circle theme revolves around self- love. 

Check out this video on our healing circles

Awura Workshops 

We curate  educational workshops to empower women of color with the tools they need to heal.  We offer a wide range of topics from  decolonizing sexuality, to understanding the impact of nutrition in our lives. Whatever it is you are looking for to feel empowered you can be sure to find it in our Awura workshops.

Copy of Copy of HEALING CIRCLE.png

Copy of Copy of HEALING CIRCLE.png

Healing retreats to africa 

Awura’s BACK TO OUR ROOTS HEALING RETREATS are never seen before spiritual journeys  into our African culture. They are made exclusively  for and by people of the diaspora to re-connect with their roots. The retreats empower you with the truth on who you truly are, and help you feel at peace with yourself and the world by reconnecting you with the spirits of your ancestor.

Check what U.K blogger Jay from CultureU.K had to say about our workshops in Kenya, East Africa.


Our packages include:

  • Living accommodation

  • Touristic activities

  • Full time facilitator on site

  • Personal growth & educational workshops

  • Healing circles

  • Healing rituals

  • Cultural experience

  • Nutritious dense meal plans (not all meals will be provided)

  • Culinary workshops ( Most retreats)

  • Goodie bags (Most retreats)

Location  varies. To learn more and stay up to date with our retreat's schedule subscribe to the site with the link below. 
Click here to see our  upcoming retreats. 

Until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter” Come join and help us rewrite our history.

Recap of our Various healing circles and Workshop