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Los Angeles, Austin, Abidjan 

Are you suffering from various symptoms such as hormonal imbalance, fibroids, irregular menses, fatigue ect?  In my 1-on-1  private chef  therapy I will ensure that you not only get delicious plant-based healing foods, but that each  session is catered to the needs of your body. We start off with an initial nutrition therapy consultation which allows me to determine  what nutrients you may need to feel optimal. Based on the information gathered during your consultation I will create your customize therapeutic menu plan.

 Limited space available, (Private chef treatment plans, starting at  $2000 +)  priority is given to those suffering from physiological diseases
 email at for  inquiry, subject line Private chef. 



The expertise of Wilizé was a blessing in my transition to a healthier lifestyle. She walked me through the basics of nutrition as well as educated me on how certain foods affected my body. I loved the fact that she designs your meal plans according to your specific needs & the food is absolutely delicious. 


What grabbed me the most is her sound knowledge of health & nutrition, her patience in explaining and her deep desire to help me on my journey to become the best version of myself. The guidance of Wilizé exceeded my expectation and today all I can say is I feel happy and alive! So Women & Men, Get yourself a Wilizé 

-Yonnie Laubhouet
Brand consultant


The Food 


Delicious Healing plant-based foods 

(zucchini noodles with sweet potatoes patties) 

Every meal is made with your needs in mind
those of your body and your spirits


Only the Freshest products will be used for your meals

I will  research the best place to buy fresh
products in your area, and will only cook from seasonal fresh foods


Eat  a variety of meals every day

(Rainbow salad)

Every day a different meal will be presented
sourced from a variety of fresh vegetables
and fruits.  

Limited space available, priority is given to those suffering from physiological diseases
 email at for  inquiry.