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Sometimes it takes exploring another environment, culture or tradition to bring balance and peace to your life. So many people are living life routinely, from jobs they resent, to paycheck that undermine their value. Routine enables us to utilize our most valuable asset, which is our mind. Without the freedom to express our mind as we wish we unable ourselves from creating the life we desire.

If you are craving an escape from your everyday routine, as well as looking to reconnect with your inner wisdom then our Soul healing retreat is for you

Visuals from our 2017 Kenya retreat in partnership with World Changer life 

We provide the perfect environment for you to tune in with yourself while exploring the beauty, culture and healing energy of the land. Our experience includes: therapeutic and educational workshops, as well as, various touristic activities that utilize the traditional wisdom of the land in order to achieve balance in our lives.

Each year we partner up with various amazing souls whose knowledge brings a crucial aspect to our experience

In partnership with World Changer Life of U.K London, we took 14 beautiful  people to the enchanted land of Kenya to explore the culture, beauty and healing energy of the land.  Here are some of the visuals


Our packages include:

  • Living accommodation
  • Touristic activities 
  • Full time facilitator on site
  • Personal growth & educational workshops 
  • Healing circles 
  • Cultural experience 
  • Nutritious dense meal plans (not all meals will be provided)
  • Culinary workshops ( Most retreats)
  • Goodie bags (Most retreats)

Every year  a different location is allocated to explore.To learn more and stay up to date with our retreat's schedule subscribe to the site with the link below. 
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