My Richness Is Life

Bob Marley 

Bob Marley 

Interviewer:  do you make a lot of money out of your music?
Bob Marley: How much is a lot of money to you?
interviewer: yeah that's a good question have you made say millions of dollars?
Bob Marley: Nah
interviewer: are you a rich man?
Bob Marley: when you mean rich what you mean?
interviewer: you have a lot of possession? have a lot of money in the bank?
Bob Marley: possession makes you rich? I don't have that type of richness, my richness is life forever.

what makes someone rich? it seems most of us are confused. This reflexion leads me to ask this question: does money make us? or do we make money ?  I've been very broke before, but no matter what my bank account would reflect I always  knew I would be okay.  That's because in my opinion as long as one has a healthy mind one has the ability to manifest anything she or he desires.

It is crucial that we remind ourselves  who we are: creators. I believe this was  implied  in  Bob Marley's response  when he said "my richness is life". Unlike the interviewer and some people's view of wealth being rooted in possession, Bob Marley understood that  we have the ability to create and experience  whatever  it is we wish to create and experience. This, to me,  is the definition of true wealth.

Imagination is an important tool when creating. We must, therefore, learn to revamp our  inner child  while remaining  present. Much wisdom can be acquired by observing children. For instance, nothing is in its finite state for a child. Give a kid a water bottle to play with and watch him come up with  a thousand and one ways  to enhance the water bottle's function. That is the richness of life; having the ability to create.