November Sisters Healing Circle Recap: Protecting Your Peace


My second sister healing circle picnic was about protecting your peace this is a recap of what we discussed.

What is peace?  I find it important that in order to achieve something one must have an adequate understanding of what that thing is. Therefore defining what peace is to you is the first step towards achieving it.  In my opinion, peace means having a true understanding of who we are. I define myself as a creator, a powerful spiritual being who is constantly co-creating my life along with what life expects of me. My power is therefore rooted in constantly being aware of who I am at all times. This brings me peace.

In her book, Sister Citizen Author Melissa V. Harris-Perry mention a cognitive psychology research  experiment that was conducted post World War II on field dependence. In the experiment, subjects were placed in a crooked chair in a crooked room and then asked to align themselves vertically. Some perceived themselves as straight only in relation to their surroundings, while others managed to get themselves more or less upright regardless of how crooked the surrounding images were.  Society can create a crooked room for us to live in and far too often we tend to unconsciously align our values in relation to it. The second step therefore to protecting our peace is to be aware of the crooked room that has been created for us and to find the strength regardless of the odds to align ourselves with our true being.

Moreover, the metaphor of the crooked room can also be applied to our own minds. We can create our own cages by portraying distorted images of ourselves. The third step to protecting our peace is, therefore, to allow our mind to be as fluid as water, to understand that perfection does not exist and that there are no such thing as a standard you came into this world perfect and will return to this world perfect, but with a better understanding of what it is you were searching for in this earthly realm, with experiences and memories that took your breath away, with people who loved you and who will mourn your departure. You are the messenger the proof that no matter what the circumstances this society brings, love can exist, that is peace.