Scheduling Our Breakdowns

Sometimes crying is the best remedy. sometimes we get lost while holding onto things that no longer serves us. We pretend everything is fine, we fake smiles forgetting that there is wisdom in breaking down. Our tears carry stories in them, which are sometimes worth hearing. 

Water is the element of life and love, it represents the womb from which we all came into being. in sacred rituals, water is the element most often used for purification. It removes emotional clogs, cleanses and cleans wounds. The fact that we have salt water dripping down our eyes when our mind needs cleansing is no coincidence.

Dear friend it is okay to cry. Most times, breaking down is a way for your soul to catch your attention, a way for it to bring about some much-needed change in your life. Cry in order to restore the balance that you have been looking for, cry as much as your soul needs, then once you've reached equilibrium, get back up and push yourself harder. However, always be kind and gentle to yourself.