Naima's Baby

Naima scrubbed her skin vigorously, her tears were mixing with the water.  Fatima, her sister, walked in the shower terrified. "Naima!!" she screamed, jumping towards her sister in hopes to stop her from scraping her skin. Naima wouldn't stop, she cried and scrubbed some more. "Naima stop! stop!" Fatima yelled holding firmly to her sister's hand. Suddenly  Naima stopped, she looked at her sister with pain, there was blood dripping from her womb. "The baby!" Fatima screamed trying to pull Naima out of the shower so they could rush to a nearby hospital. But Naima didn't move, she just looked as if she already knew it was too late. "Another one" she managed to say out loud. Fatima held her tighter while caressing her hair " he will eventually leave me you know" Naima continued. "Nonsense! Naima, don't be foolish" Fatima retaliated holding on tightly to her sister. Fatima hoped that this was true, that Rakim loved her enough to overlook this defect, but even she couldn't predict what went on in the head of a man whose wife was barren. Naima looked into her sister's eyes and whispered,  "yes, eventually he too will leave". Fatima stayed silent, they stood there under the running water watching Naima's inside fade away.