Broken Glass

We are all like glasses, 
hard on the outside
but apply the right amount of
pressure and even the finest
glass can break

I am breaking,
the walls spun twice, tonight
I don't even like my liquor

but to subdue
this pain, today
I allowed it

I made sure the baby was sleeping
before I started sipping
I can only do my crying when
she's not around
so she won't know
how much mama is hurting

everyone around me
keeps saying that  time
heals all wounds
I wish they would stop
preaching that shit
it's been 3 years
and I'm still broken
the pain doesn't go away
we just learn to cope better

Franky misses you too
he pretends he's alright
but  I know he's not, he's in college now
he needs you, shit, I need you. 

earlier today
the baby asked about you again
I tried to explain one more time
as best as I could
what death meant,
I don't even have a full understanding
of it myself
but I think this time she
for the first time  in three years
she had tears in her eyes

it tore me apart to see
our children going
through life like that
they are strong though
But even the strongest
glass can break,
baby, I am breaking