The 78 Vegan Kitchen And Bar (Glasgow, Scotland)

On my way to the motherland, I decided to make a quick stop in U.K's northernmost country: Scotland. I am currently in Glasgow spending some quality time with my lovely friend Moroke, who actually goes to medical school out here (3rd year woot! woot!). Glasgow is one of Scotland's major city, and unlike popular belief, it has quite a vibrant culture scene. From its many art galleries; museums and pubs with live Jazz bands, to various concerts. If it wasn't for its gloomy weather I would probably extend my stay. However, anyone that knows me knows that I am not a fan of rainy cold days. 

However, what I am enjoying is the various vegetarian cuisine available in this city. My first victim is "The 78 Vegan Kitchen And Bar" an all vegan cuisine bar dedicated to bringing great food, great drinks and great music. We enjoyed the lunch menu that runs from 12:30 pm until 5 pm. I had the Vegan quesadillas filled with refried beans, vegan cheese, and jalapenos serve with some fries and a salad ($7.36) ; while my friend Moroke had the Classic 78 veggie burger served with mayo, lettuce, paprika, coriander (cilantro) coleslaw, pickles and side salad ($7.36). The quesadilla was delicious the seasonings used were perfect with the vegan cheese and refried beans.

In addition, they also have several events going on at night time with Djs and live music as well as special deals available for students who go to Glasgow University. Fortunatly,  for us because my friend is a student at Glascow University they gave our tab 10% off. If you ever happen to make your way to Glasgow be sure to check them out. 

Things to  remember: their portions are pretty decent but  most European restaurants do not believe in taking food to go, they will almost look at you crazy  for even mentioning a to go box (lol I tried), so be sure to come ready to EAT.

P.S: I had some of their Mooncake which was a cake made with coconut and chocolate, but to be honest I  didn't like it.  Vegan baking can really be a hit or miss and I am sorry to say that this was definitely a miss.  

Me and Moro <3 

Me and Moro <3 

The 78 Vegan Kitchen And Bar
10-14 Klevinhaugh St, 
G3 8NU Glasgow
United Kingdom