How The Past Affects the Present: Understanding Our Conditioning

How the past affects the present: understanding our conditioning.



Reflecting on my childhood I’ve realized  that everything happening in my current life has a reason behind it. I remember my mother having a big garden full of beautiful flowers.

My memories bring me back to moments when I saw myself playing alone in the garden. I would smell, touch, watch, and be fascinated by the flowers. These memories are clear in my head. Fast forward to now, the view or scent  of a flower brings me back to moment in my childhood. Scienties calls this effect conditioning : the ability for our past experiences to influences our current thoughts and actions.

 I am persuaded that those childhood experiences explained my relationship with mother nature, this influenced my plant based diet. Even before researching the health benefits of  a plant based diet, I knew that it was the right diet for me.

 Another way in which my childhood experiences influenced me was to intice ansense of invidivuality. I am the oldest of my relatives, thus for a few years before they were born I was alone. This influened my preference for individuality, I enjoy being alone, not in the sense of solitude but rather in the sense of autonomy. It’s difficult sometimes for my relatives to relate to that aspect of me, and for some time they thought I was weird. On the other hand their opinions made me uncomfortable for some years, until I realized where my behavior came from, your environment impacts your behaviors and your actions. I am conscious of this now and this allows me to accept myself as I am.

All of us are conditioned by the society we live in, our culture, the media and mostly our past experiences. If we want to heal from past traumas,phobias, or understand some of our behaviors and thoughts we must question our conditioning and see the link between that and our current actions.We must look for some of their explanation in our childhood. Only then would we be able to heal.

By Marie Kouassi