On: Finding Your Identity

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In the beginning there was the word and the word was god.

In the spirituality of Ifa in the beginning there was the Orisha Obatala (known as sego-lisa in vodoun) who was present when Oledumare (supreme creator) created the universe. Obatala is a representation of the element air . The element air represents our minds. Because our mind is the only entity that expresses itself in words, this quote should actually read “In the beginning there was the mind and the mind was god”.

Wow! I can already feel all my new age people start to frown: the mind is the ego and the ego must vanish; but just hear me out. Okay the mind isn’t fully god but in every genesis story, whether it be the abrahamic religions or the African spiritualities, the mind was present. In fact in the garden of eden the snake represents our mind.

Understanding the role of the mind plays an important role in healing.Our mind helps us: judge, analyze, compare, plan and remember the past. Some people, might feel like we suffer because of our mind, but this isn’t true, the role of our mind is to help us survive. For instance: we need the critical and analytical aspects of the mind to survive in this society ( especially if you are a women of color); we need to compare ourselves, to some extents, to gain clarity on what we want; we need to plan for how we wish to manifest our dreams and we need to remember the mistakes we’ve made to never make them again. Thus, we only suffer when we let our mind define who we are, because the mind only finds worth in what it can do or achieve, and you can’t find self-love in a to-do list.

The quote we are spiritual beings having a human experience is real. Our ancestors knew that, it was exemplified in the various African spirituality which taught: that spirit rules over everything. We are spiritual beings having a human experience; and the only way spirit communicates is through your feelings. This is why it is so important to pay attention to how you feel!

Find the essence of who you are through how you make other people feel. For instance, people tell me that I have a calming energy; that I make people feel like everything is going to be okay.These qualities are who I am, these are qualities that no matter what happens to me can never be taken away. This is also why I enjoy every single minute of doing what I do; because I found a passion that resonates so naturally with the essence of my spirit that whenever I host healing circles or retreats to Africa everything always unfolds very organically. Now don’t give me wrong, being an entrepreneur is hard work, there are some BTS logistics that go into hosting any type of event; but here is where I have the opportunity of letting my mind shine!

Lastly, finding your identity isn’t easy. We can get blinded by our mind, by it trying to tell us “who we ought to be”; even more challenging is the mind’s motility so one day you are persuaded you should be this person and the next day someone else. The beauty, in healing is to find your constant; the part of you that doesn’t change, that part that resonate with the quote “stand still and know that I am god”.

Here is a list of tools to help you find your identity:

  1. Simply ask: ask people around, those who know you the best : how do you make them feel? or what do they admire in you?

  2. I also recommend this quick and easy read: Empty your cup

  3. Meditate: a major part of finding your self is finding the space between your mind and your spirit, the ability to quiet your thoughts. I love to always tell people that meditation doesn’t have to be sitting down and humming for 45 minutes; anything that you love doing that helps you quiet your mind ( dancing, drawing, writing act…) is a form of meditation.

with love - Chef Wilize

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