The Beyonce: Homecoming Diet

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Did you watch the Netflix homecoming documentary by Beyonce? if you haven’t I definitely recommend it! it was AMAZING. Being the first African American sister to headline Coachella; she did not disappoint! She depicted the spirit and culture of HBCU like never before, through her amazing performance by honoring the famous “ battles of the bands”

Moreover, one thing that I’ve always admired about Beyonce that can never be disputed is the dedication that she has for her passion. She will go to the extreme to deliver her dreams. This quality is beautiful when your are an entertainer. For instance; I am sure the crazy work hours and numerous rehearsals contributed to her breath taking Beychella performance. However; when it comes to the human body; extremes of any sort is not welcomed.

I personally wasn’t surprised to hear that she followed a strict diet to get her postpartum body towards her definition of “snatched” . Beyonce explained in her documentary that her diet consisted of:

  1. No meat

  2. No fish

  3. No carbs

  4. No dairy

  5. No sugar

    She then added “ I was hungry” (lol, no shit lol)

I slightly cringe when I heard her list the things that she couldn’t eat during her homecoming diet. To be honest it sounded more like my 7 days cleanse (available when you Join Our Tribe).However a cleanse is something that is meant to be followed for a short period of time to rejuvenate the body. Normally, most cleanses shouldn’t exceed 21 days, beyond 21 days and you can end up stressing the body. Queen B, however followed her regiment for nearly 4 months.

The homecoming producers forgot to mention the details of her diet. In fact after expressing quotes like “my body went through more than I knew it could” or “in the beginning there were so many muscle spasms” I was persuaded that her regiment was supervised by qualified individuals; absolutely no one should go to these extremes postpartum un-supervised .

What is the real problem here? As a nutritionist I see a lot of people aiming for perfectionism in their diet instead of nurturing their bodies or practicing self-love. I would personally never recommend for a postpartum sis, whose body just gone through so much stress trying to bring life into this world, to go on a 4 month long cleanse. Perfectionism may be okay in the process of achieving Beychella, but it has no place when we are dealing with the laws of nature, our bodies or trying to nurture ourselves.

In her book the gift of imperfection Brene Brown defines perfectionism as: “when we define who we are by what we accomplish and how well we accomplish it”. To limit your identity to your accomplishments can be very dangerous, and can bring along a list of undesirable feelings like guilt, or shame. As a nutritionist I am not immune to the bug of perfectionism, there are moments in my life when I associated how well I performed as a nutritionist with the numbers on my scale. How crazy right? If the numbers went up I would self-criticize. Thoughts like “omg they are going to notice”, “I am getting fat”, “people are going to think I am not a good nutritionist because I can’t keep my weight in check”; would make me feel guilt and shame.

The truth is no one is perfect not even Beyonce ( sorry Beyhives its the truth lol); we can’t associate the vastness of who we are by what we have accomplished or how well we accomplish it, that is such a patriarch way of living lives. I am a good nutritionist not because of how I appear on the scale but because of how I make people feel; how my clients clearly understand what is getting in the way of their goal and how we can work as a team to minimize their obstacles.

Lastly, when your diet/lifestyle is rooted in self-love the focus becomes “ how can I improve myself”. I am not perfect but I no longer eat like I use to eat 5 or 10 years ago, I am not perfect but I have made progress. This way of thinking is easier on both the body and the mind. Thus, if you so happened to watch Homecoming by Beyonce and wanted to follow her diet to lose weight, I would recommend starting with something much more gentle on your body (Download this weight lost guide here). Get informed and do what feels right for your body.

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