You Can't Find Self-Love In A To Do list

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Hello, my name is Chef Wilize Maleombho and I used to be addicted to productivity. Sounds funny, but this was true, I was so focused on keeping my mind “busy” in order to achieve our society’s definition of success that I missed out on things I now wish I wouldn’t have. 

Prime example: Drake came to perform at my university back in the days. Now if you know anything about me you know I love me some Drizzy! I was a fan of his music before he even became mainstream, I put a lot of my friends onto him; and guess what when he came to perform your girl missed his performance; because in my mind I had an organic chemistry exam in 3 days and I couldn't possibly fail my exam just because drake was coming to perform. I think about this now and all I can do is laugh. 

Now I am not promoting being irresponsible, because failing an exam because you decided to party it up with OVO is irresponsible. However, this situation was slightly different. The truth is  I had already spent 2 days studying for that exam, I was ready, but my mind couldn’t accept to have fun while something so “serious” was on the way. Why does pleasure always come last in our society? 

In today’s world,  we base our worthiness on our level of productivity, spending time doing things for the sole purpose of pleasure is rare and considered a total waste of time. Here is where you may be wrong! According to the study of Dr. Brown a psychiatrist, clinical researcher and founder of the national institute for play, play is an essential aspect of being human. Dr. Brown  explains that play helps shape our brain; helps us develop emotional intelligence and is at the core of creativity and innovation. (catch his  Ted talk below)

Over the years I learned to make my life pleasurable,  setting aside time everyday, to do things that I enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I put in the hours to achieve my goals but I also respect the importance of feeding my spirit with things that bring me joy. 

-with love
Chef Wilize

Don’t know where to start? Ha! I know it definitely can be hard to transition from being on the go 24 hrs to suddenly giving yourself time. Here is a quick list of activities you can start with.

  1. Dedicate 2 hour to a day to creativity : draw, sing, play an instruments read

  2. Plan a vacation trip with the girls: check out our retreats

    You can start with these two, and as you start getting a hang of it you’ll see that there is so much more to life then our to-do list. (festival, fun workshop, hiking, camping) Don’t let money limit you, you can always do things with what you currently have, or plan ahead for more expensive and bigger plans.

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