The top Essential oils to help Balance your Chakra ((#thingswelearned at our #BTOR retreat)


Some of the most interesting experiences during our annual Back To Our Roots Healing Retreat to West Africa are the workshops. All of our workshops are dedicated to bring a bit more understanding to the different tools we have available as women of color to find peace. For instance, the aromatherapy workshops title “Tickle your senses” hosted by Laurence Sessou, taught the importance of utilizing essential oils as a tool to improve our well-being. 

Tickle your senses 

The workshop was created to help us balance our chakras. It started with a detailed explanation of the different chakras: what they represent, where they are located and how they may interfere with in our day to day life. We then, each took turns   sharing how we related with each chakra.



Some of us shared the struggles we had with certain chakras. For instance, I share the long struggle that I had with opening my throat chakra; a very common issue in our community. The ability to be vulnerable, to share and express how we are truly feeling isn’t easy. Over the years however I learned that vulnerability is rewarding.  I loved how everyone at the workshop could relate to what I was saying. Once we shared our experiences , Laurence continue the workshop by giving us an explicit detailed breakdown of essential oils basics. The information we gathered was amazing from understanding which area in our bodies were affected by the different scents to learning how to make our own home remedies when we are in need; I couldn’t possibly summarized all of what we learned that day in this article 

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Just wanted to add that our workshop took place on a private little island situation on the coast of Benin, it was pure bliss! Few spots left! BOOK NOW

Lastly here are Laurence’s top essential oil picks to help balance your chakras

ROOT: base of the spine, survival issues, self preservation instinct, fight or flight. Emotions when imbalanced: anger, rage, fearfulness, frustration, anxiety, depression
Top pick Essential oil: Vetiver – creates a protective shield, and helps with stress and tension.

 SACRAL: Pelvic area, pleasure, creativity, sensuality and emotions. Emotions when imbalanced: rapid mood swings, obsessive thinking and confusion.
Top pick Essential oil: Orange - helps with depression, nervous tension, and uplift mood and spirit. 

 SOLAR PLEXUS: between the nevel and solar plexus, willingness, identity, who am I? Emotions: imbalance, selfishness, stubbornness, domination
Top pick Essential oil: Bergamot-disperse stagnant life force energy.

 HEART: middle of the chest, compassion and kindness towards self and others, moves love through life. Emotions when imbalances: lack of compassion, selfishness. 
Top pick Essential oil: Rose-high spiritual frequency, opens heart, assist with unconditional love to self and others.

 THROAT: neck and shoulders, speak your truth. Emotions when imbalances: excessive shyness, poor listening, gossiping, dominating conversations. 
Top pick Essential oil: Geranium (middle note) regulates hormone function, moves stagnant energy, increases connection to inner life. 

THIRD EYE: located in the brain at the brow above base of the nose, deals with Intuition. Emotions when imbalances, over intellectualize everything, lack of intuition, very judgmental. 
Top pick Essential oil: Frankincense-spirit oil, helpful for anxious obsessional links to the past, postnatal depression.