On Mommy Issues: Healing Your Trauma With Mama, An Interview With J. Chavae


Have you ever heard of the term mommy issues? We’ve heard of the term daddy issues before and the impact that it has on relationships, but who ever talks about their mommy issues? We sat down with healer J.Chavae whose most recent work focuses on helping women address the trauma with their mama and heal their underlying mama issues.

J. Chavae is a wellness facilitator, author and a doula dedicated to helping Black women heal. By holding space for those in her community, by mothering the collective, she hopes to clear the way for the generations to come. Listen to our audio

 Here is a glimpse of the questions that we asked her: 

1.    How would you describe yourself and the work that you do?

2.    What inspired your journey to healing others? 

3.    Healing the bond with your mother: “ my mother doesn’t realize that I am her mirror” 

4.    On mommy issues:  what are they and how they relate to how we connect to people and society. If you hate your mother you hit yourself! Her work is focused on shifting perception on many things

To end our convo Jay shared 3 crucial tips that you can use to help enhance your relationship with your mother: 

  1.  Tip 1: Connect with your breath, sound silly but it helps you to be aware when you are having emotionally charged conversations with your mother.

  2. Tip 2: Try to see the humanness in your mother- she’s human too, she’s learning just as much as you.

  3.  Tip 3: Being soft and gentle and forgiving with ourselves- Healing starts with you, your mother can change but if you still hold the same narrative about her it will be difficult to see her efforts.

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