Meeting The Tribe: Introducing Nora Wata


  We Always honor the sisters of our tribe, this month we meet Nora wata, a half Swedish and half Ghanian tribe member who is also an initate of Vodu, In this quick interview she shares with us her story and the spiritual tools she uses in her daily practice.

Who is Nora? I am a young Mumi wata, who was initiated in Ghana. Vodu is a Ewe word from the Ewe tribe of both Ghana and Togo, it translate as spirit, community or freedom. Like most people, however I wasn’t always open to the world of mysticism. 

 I am half Swedish and half Ghanaian. I was originally raised on Christian values but never really felt connected to the religion. It wasn’t that I was aware of vodu or any other ancestral teachings at the time, but Christianity never really spoke to me. It wasn’t until a few years ago on a family vacation to Ghana that I discovered the realms of Vodu. During that trip  I received a reading from a family friend. The mystery behind this event lead to my interest in mysticism. I wanted to know more about the spiritual realm, the ancestors, the Orishas, voodoo, hoodoo, and the various divination tools. 

 I started the journey on my own, without and elder’s guidance. For about a year I did solo invocations, candle work, kept an altar, tarot pulls, offerings ect. After that year, I felt a strong urge to reach out to a Bokors (a priest, or healer in Ewe). I return to Ghana, where I was guided to a temple and worked closely with my Bokor. Vodu taught me about my spiritual self, it taught me balance and peace from a spiritual perspective.  I am forever grateful to my temple and Bokor in Ghana. 

 A lot of people are fed a negative perception of what vodu is. However, we now know that this perception of the spirituality was a necessary tools, used by the colonials during slavery and colonization to brainwash our ancestors into submission. I however feel blessed to have found this path. Today there are incredible initiatives to help change the narrative of our ancestor’s practice. (check out revodution on facebook)

When and how did you start reading tarot? I am a self-taught tarot reader. I did my first tarot reading in 2017, this was an attempt to get clarity from a situation in my personal life. The traditional Raider Waithe-smith (By Pamela Coleman smith) was my first deck. I bought them and let them seat in my apartment for about 3 weeks. One day however, I felt a strong energy pull from the cards. That was when I did my first reading; I never put them down sense. 

What role did the tarot played in your spiritual life and evolution? I use the cards daily, they give me guidance and clarity in different aspects of my life. They are a form of meditation for me, they help me stay out of negative thought patterns and remind me to focus on what is important. They have also given me insight on external influences.
The biggest misconception that people make is that systems of divination can tell us the future. No, divinations guide us by offering us clarity on a situation. Reading the tarot doesn’t make you immune to mistakes, we all make mistakes. It’s important to note that the Tarot is not a divination tool of neither Ifa or Vodu, but can definitely be beneficial to anyone’s spiritual practice. 

How have you used the tarot to help others?I use it to assist others in setting an intention for their life, or give them insight during difficult times. The tarot can also be used for advice in self-development, career development, self-awareness, self-care or confirmation. It is my way of being of spiritual service to the world.

Any last thoughts?
My journey with tarot has taught me a lot of things, but I am still learning. One of the most powerful things it has taught me, is trust. As someone who has struggled with trust issues the tarot has been of great help. Many times, I have pulled the same card over and over again after having shuffled the deck, or for days in a row. When this happens in a reading it is a confirmation that I need to trust the message that I am receiving. 

Lastly, I am patient with my journey and I give thanks for my life, life is a journey and we are here to learn.  


PS: There's a lot of articles and stories about ''Mami Wata'' on the internet. I just wanted to say Mami Wata is not a joke. The descriptions and understandings of that spirit varies in different cultures, but it is very real. The spirits of water are real, and they surround us all. 
Peace and love,

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