Eating Healthy on a Budget: How to meal prep


On Monday we officially kicked off our first cycle of the 30 days for $30 weight loss challenge. A program that I created with my 6+ years of experience working in the wellness industry. Over the years, the one thing that was consistent in my successful client was the ability to include meal-prepping in their regiment. Why? meal prepping creates the mental discipline needed to change your eating habits. In addition, (because we are still in the month of July, and July is all about money) Meal prepping also helps you stay on budget!

The question that I often get however is how do I meal prep? where do I start? it’s different for every body, some people have no problem reserving half a day dedicated to prepping their meals, others (like me) rather spread it out. Below I give you a list of quick and easy steps to get you on board.


Do a thorough inventory of your fridge + pantry: you want to know what you are initially working with to avoid over buying things.

Know what you are going to eat for the week: make a menu of the foods that you wish to consume for that week

Layout each recipe: it makes so much sense and make things so clear when you lay out exactly what you want to eat,

Group each food by categories: group each food by their macro categories : protein, carbohydrates, veggies + fruits and fats (buy your veggies seasonally)

Make a list of what to cook first: some people like to tackle the things that take longer first, come people like to tackle the things that take the least amount of time first. Either way find out what works for you, but make a list: it will help you keep track of what needs to be done.

Cook for the week: dedicate at least 2 hours that you will use solely for the cooking

Use glass food storage: glass food storage are the best! ( that’s the just my personal opinion lol)

There you have it! if you are looking to shed some pounds while saving money be sure to meal prep!

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