On Manifesting Financial Abundance with Estelle Gbenou


This month’s topic is all about money! and we sat down for our last interview of this month’s topic with Estelle Gbanou who is a jurist, consultant and entrepreneur in Africa. Estelle has an extensive CV from working in the United Nation, to working along side a various list of African governmental officials. Estelle lifestyle reflects the abundance that she was able to manifest in her life. In this interview she shares with us the tools that she used to get to where she is today at only 27 years old.

We are here for this #blackgirlmagic Listen and take notes (PRESS PLAY)!

Here are a few influential people in Estelle’s repertoire from left to right: Alasane Outtara (President of Ivory Coast), John Mahama ( ex president of Ghana), and Patrice Talon (President of Benin Republic) she also has a long list of very influential people that she has worked with


Here is also the list of book that she used to get herself over her funk, and start creating the life that she desired

  1. Seven practices of mindful leader, by Marc Lesser

  2. Unfuck yourself, by Gary John Bishop

  3. Lost connection, by John Hari

  4. The alchemist, by Paulo Coelho ( persona favorite)

  5. God, by Deepak Chopra

  6. Conversation with God by Donal Neal

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