A Prophet Is Never A Prophet In His Own Land

Why do the people who are the closest to you never seem to support you? the question that applies to just about every human being who is trying to do something positive with their life. The problem lies with thoughts, thinking is a difficult task that most people avoid, why? because it is difficult to accept that people change. It is easier for people to see you the way you always been; without your  new projects, goals or ambition. Acknowledging that  people can change  is  a hard concept to digest. This isn't a new concept, this has been in existence  since  the bible's compilation, even in that era people  knew that "a prophet is never a prophet in his own land". So don't get discourage by the lack of support, this only reinforce  that you are evolving. Eventually your hard work will pay off  and people will have no choice but to break the old thoughts pattern that they had about you and accept the evolution of your soul.